Our Approach

We ensure that you’re completely satisfied not only with your new home but also with the entire building process.
Option 1
Cost Plus
Our “Cost Plus” is a proven solution for all your construction needs. Our philosophy is based on transparency and simplicity, and we only charge direct costs of the work plus an agreed-upon fee percentage. During our pre-construction services, we establish a budget relying on estimated construction costs. Prior to the start of construction, we provide completed construction documents and specifications to qualified subcontractors and suppliers for bidding. Our approach guarantees the best value trade while capitalizing on competitive bids, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money.
Option 2
Fixed Price

When it comes to a Fixed-Price Contract, it’s important to understand that this approach requires extensive planning and expertise to determine the scope of work, materials, methods, and finishes. Achieving this level of understanding takes significant effort. Still, you can be confident that your costs will stay within budget as the final price is agreed upon before signing the construction contract.

To ensure the success of a Fixed-Price Contract, precise construction documents and planning are crucial. The clarity of the scope of work and specifications for materials and finishes is paramount. The Architect and Design team will identify the scope of work and provide a complete “For Construction” document set. This includes finish schedules for all material and fixture selections. The final document set and specifications will be sent to qualified subcontractors and suppliers for bidding.

If all finish and fixture selections still need to be made at the time of bid, we have you covered. Our final bid includes allowances for those items that still need to be identified. We keep track of your allowance expenditures, so you always know where you stand. We are committed to completing projects within the given time and budget, ensuring we align entirely with our client’s interests.